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This site has been designed to demonstrate my web coding skills and utilises JavaScript, PHP, MySQL & Joomla and is best viewed in landscape view on your device. If you would like a hand getting your device into a landscape mode then please navigate to my contacts page. It also gives people some background on who I am. To navigate the site please select a link from the menu on the left (or above depending on your device's orientation). For more information please visit my Links page where you can get a list of some of the site that I like to frequent on the internet. If you would like to contact me then please visit my Contact Details page. Thanks for visiting my site.

Here is a pic of me taken in front of the fridge in the kitchen of my parent's old house in Kempshott, Basingstoke:


My parents have since moved into a McCarthy & Stone Later Living flat at the top of Basingstoke Town Centre & this is where I spend a lot of my evenings enjoying a meal with my parents. I am also getting to know & help a lot of the other residents in the building which is a lot of fun. I do miss my parent's old place in Kempshott as I was able to watch TV in peace after dinner! The advantage of their new flat is that it is centrally located near a lot of good resturants & they are eating out a lot more!

I am a regular attendee of both Genesis Sci-Fi Club & Connecting Biz. Please see my Links page for the link to their respective sites. They are both a lot of fun and I highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to attend. Genesis is a club for anyone that has ANY interest in science fiction and it welcomes all new people that would like to sign up. Connecting Biz is a business networking event for people that would like to market their business. Everyone is welcome at Connecting Biz. I am trying to be the National Autistic Society figure-head just like Richard Branson is the dyslexic figure-head of Virgin! If you would like to help me acheive this wonderful goal then I look forward to hearing from you!

One advantage of being a high-functioning autistic is that I am highly intelligent and enjoy analysing problems & coming up with solutions that most other people might not arrive at. The disadvantage is that I have major issues with meeting large groups of people as I do not like the amount of noise they produce.

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Today is: Wednesday 18th October 2017

Today there are 6 celebs celebrating their birthdays. I would like to wish:

Carly Schroeder (Kim Garnet from episode 'Crush (Season 10 Episode 20)' of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) who is 27 years old today

Joy Lauren (Krystie Mays from episode 'Starlet Fever (Season 1 Episode 14)' of Shark) who is 28 years old today

Danielle Polanco (Dancer from Friends with Benefits) who is 32 years old today

Angela de Silva (Paranoid Girl from episode 'Jenna Lives (Season 1 Episode 5)' of Awkward.) who is 34 years old today

Gloria Garayua (Josie Garcia from episode 'But I Am a Good Girl (Season 4 Episode 3)' of Rizzoli & Isles) who is 39 years old today


Joy Bryant (Dr. Erica Kincaid from Rosewood) who is 43 years old today


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